Growing the conversation from the heartland of American politics with a focus on factual analysis & fundamental fairness, but not afraid to embrace the funny when it exists. Dedicated to the folks on the two-lane roads, gravel drives, and family farms.



Special weekly guests chat with your host Adam about issues and topics important specifically to the Heartland of the United States of America.


Adam, Sean, and Zack approach political events and themes from the three expert lenses of a lawyer, campaign manager, and political scientist, respectively.


Adam shares a drink with Sean and Zack for a more casual conversation about the news and possible outcomes. Imagine a more hypothetical and fun take on Talkin' Politics.


Excellent Pod for A Non-Podcast Guy


Well done pod that makes me yearn for a fire,

some whiskey, and more conversation with these gentlemen.

-C Brittingham

Great Pod


Doesn’t tell you what to think,

just intelligent freeform conversations on various topical issues of the moment.


Easily listening


While it feels like the world around us has done everything to polarize Americans,

this podcast does a great job of taking a step back

and having discussions from an objective view.


The hosts and guests do a great job of admitting their own argument flaws, making each episode easily digestible.


Have a Taste of the HEARTLAND POD

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