In the richest nation in the world, half of American families are struggling. High costs for housing, education, and healthcare drag down entire communities, while the storms, floods, and fires of climate change grow more and more violent each year.


Voters in both parties want action to cut emissions. Voters in both parties want healthcare we can afford. Our mission is to inspire action that makes real change a reality: increasing community resilience and prosperity, now and for the future ahead.

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The ability of Americans to come together against the most destructive evils, and win, has always been a part of our national identity.


Today's political leaders, however, have failed to confront the crises we face: 

prioritizing the will of big donors ahead of the future our kids will be left with.   

We're making the case for a rapid transition to a net-zero carbon economy,

universal access to mental health and medical care, and critical community resilience investments for the uncertain future ahead. 


Help communities and organizations achieve net-zero carbon emissions.


Make universally accessible mental health and medical care a reality.



Hold leaders accountable and secure funds to make our communities stronger.




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Erich Arvidson

Board President

University of Missouri


Bryan Struebig

Treasurer and Secretary

B.S., Colorado Technical University, 2012
B&B Tax and Accounting - Eldon MO